When should businesses reach out to Recruiters?

From small to large scale organisations, hiring can be difficult and time consuming, especially without a dedicated team working on finding the best talent. Wherever you are at in your talent sourcing journey, it might be worthwhile to reach out to recruiters, especially if any of the below questions apply to you:

  • Are you finding it hard to discover the right candidates?
  • Do you need help in delivering reference checks, phone screens or interviews?
  • Could you use assistance to onboard successful candidates in a more cost-effective way?
  • Are you too busy doing your job to worry about taking the role of recruiter?

The benefits

Hire candidates faster

The recruitment process in hiring the right fit for your company can be extremely time consuming if you do not have a dedicated internal recruitment team. By using a recruiter, they will handle the candidate screening and shortlisting process for you, thus reducing your admin workload. This not only ensures time efficiencies, but it can also help save costs and productivity within your organisation.

Utilise market knowledge

A good recruiter will be an expert in their field and have a deep understanding of the requirements of certain industries and jobs. This, combined with information from you will help them to not only find the perfect candidates but also:

  • help you to benchmark salaries or rates
  • Provide you market insights when it comes to hiring requirements & decision making.

Get better quality candidates

Recruiters will filter out unsuitable candidates and shortlist potential candidates for you. Recruiters have the bandwidth to promote jobs in several places with a large level of visibility and they also have access to ‘passive’ job seekers that are not actively applying on job boards. Not only that, but by taking care of as much as the recruitment journey as you want, they are able to determine and only put forward the best candidates for the role… another time saver for you.

Can reduce turnover in your organisation

By communicating effectively with recruiters about your candidate expectations and company culture, a good recruiter will help you find candidates that will match not only based on skill but also on a good-fit personality for your company, thus reducing your turnover rate.  However, there can be cases where the hired employee does not meet company expectations soon after being hired. In these cases, there is usually a guarantee period for recruiters to replace your hire at no additional cost.

Ease of hiring contractors

If your company is looking to hire contractors, recruiters can be extremely helpful in not only helping you to reduce costs but also help you manage the contractors entire onboarding and payroll process. Additionally, recruiters specializing in temp/contract recruitment will have a pool of readily available candidates who have been contracted to other clients previously. This can speed up the hiring process because the Recruiter has already built a relationship with the candidate and knows whether they would be a good fit for your role.

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