Job Scams and Fraudulent Recruitment Activity

In light of the increasing number of job scams and fraudulent recruitment activity recently, we would like to raise awareness on identifying these cases and what steps you should take should you encounter these scams.

Why is this happening?

In the recruitment industry where contact details are easily accessible to the public, many perpetrators are impersonating as existing staff members and using false identities to carry out their scams. 

While our consultants may contact you about job opportunities, we will never:

  • ask for your personal information such as HKID number, credit card details or any other personal financial information at the initial stages of the recruitment process. 

  • ask for any monetary payment of any kind.

  • make any job offers without going through the proper recruitment process which includes face-to-face contact and interviews with our partnered clients. 

  • use WhatsApp as the first attempt of contact. All consultants will only use WhatsApp if you cannot be reached via phone call or email.  

  • use an email domain other than or do business via a website that is not

  • use a mobile number as the only official contact number – Every consultant has a company direct line. If you are unsure, please contact our general line 2819 2900 for verification.  

How to spot fraudulent recruitment activity 

  1. Pay attention to the small details such as Logos, language used, sentence structure – are logos the correct colours, shapes and are the words used by the sender professional? Do they attempt to create a sense of urgency? 

  2. Exercise critical thinking and vigilance when receiving phone calls, messages and emails.

  3. Exercise caution opening messages or attachments, and clicking on links from unknown senders.

  4. Do not provide personal information (such as usernames, PINs, passwords, passphrases or secret/security questions and answers) to unverified sources.

In recent cases, we have witnessed numerous scammers misappropriating our company logo and using the identities of our previous and existing employees to create a false e-business card to contact potential job seekers via WhatsApp and Telegram about job offers.

What to do if you think you are being targeted?

To exercise caution, should you receive links from a suspected scammer, please do not click on them as they could be phishing/hacking links, in which your personal or sensitive information may be stolen. 

If you have any doubt of the authenticity of a message that appears to be from our Business or any of our staff members, we ask that you contact us for verification on our main line 2819 2900 or email us at

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