Five hot jobs in IT in 2020 (that might not even exist yet)

Planning ahead? We looked into the crystal ball to see what some of the key emerging roles might be over the next five years, based on current trends.

Peter Acheson, CEO, Peoplebank, says to source data science specialists, recruiters are already looking beyond IT into other disciplines such as mathematics and other applied sciences into IT, because they have the requisite skill sets.

“We are pulling applied mathematicians, who think they will end up as a lecturer in mathematics, into data scientist roles. We are pulling in zoologists, because the core skill in data science is pattern recognition, and that’s one of the core skills of zoologists,” says Acheson. “In terms of remuneration, they are landing jobs they could never have conceived of in those other disciplines.”

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Appeared in: insideSAP
Author: Freya Purnell
Date: August 2015