How to attract graduates in a tight labour market

Facing a competitive job market can make It difficult to attract graduates. To attract top talent, business need to think strategically and plan accordingly to effectively attract and acquire talent. From experienced professionals to fresh graduates, having an effective recruitment strategy is paramount to the success of a business. Here are some ways businesses can stand out not just to graduates, but to the best talent.

University engagement

Building strong networks and relationships with universities can help your business connect with current and future graduates. This can include attending career fairs, presenting to students, and sponsoring university events, not just for local universities, but include top international universities.

Embrace technology

New graduates and younger people are typically tech-savvy. Make sure your business is utilising the latest technology in the recruitment process, this includes optimising social media for advertising positions as well as adopting paper-free and web-based technology in applying for positions.

Build a strong business brand

A strong business brand and positive reputation can help your business to stand out from the competitors to attract top graduate candidates. Encourage a strong positive online presence from both current employees and clients and continue to drive positive relationships and online presence as an ongoing business strategy

Showcase your impact

As society becomes more socially aware, employees want to know that they are making a positive impact and that their work makes a difference. Show how your company contributes to the benefit of society and helps to solve-real world problems. Emphasis your business’ contributions and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), as well as environment, social, and corporate governence (ESG) policies and values.

Promote your company culture

A positive, supportive, and inclusive company culture can be a powerful tool in attracting talent. You should always be promoting your company’s culture through your website and social media, as well as fostering  andsupporting employee advocacy, but it is also important that the culture is emphasised through the recruitment process, in job advertisements, and through the interview and testing stages.

Emphasise opportunities for growth

Graduates are often looking for positions with companies where they know that they can grow and advance their careers. Offering opportunities for continuous learning and professional development can be a significant draw to the top talent. This can include on-the-job training, mentoring programs, and study leave, as well as clearly identified pathways for career advancement within the company.

Offer flexible work arrangements

People have become more focused on work-life balance and value roles with companies that offer flexibility in their work arrangements. Consider offering staff flexible work hours, remote and hybrid work options, job sharing, and other flexible options that will make your company more appealing to graduates and new employees.

Offer competitive compensation

Last but not at all least, pay graduates a wage they deserve, and that allows them to live without worrying from day-to-day.Competitive salaries are a great way to attract graduates, as well as including benefits like health insurance, salary packaging, retirement plans, paid holiday leave, and other perks. 

In an increasingly competitive employment landscape, it is essential to ensure that your business is attractive to graduates who are looking for career opportunities and growth within a strong company. Businesses need to go above and beyond only offering competitive salaries and employee perks to new graduates and consider working on a thorough graduate recruitment strategy that should include such aspects as emphasising a positive company culture, the business’ commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, as well as positive social impact.

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