IT in the Hong Kong Health Sector

The tech, the benefits and the careers.

Whilst Hong Kong has one of the best and most efficient public health care systems in the world, there is always room for improvement when it comes to giving patients the proper attention and health care they need. Particularly when it comes to patient wait times.


The public healthcare sector is introducing new technology that can help create a better more focused experience for patients consuming healthcare. Some great technology currently being implemented in the UK is a mobile application, Now GP, which connects licensed doctors with patients using smartphones. This connection includes video so that doctors can view a patient from where they are, whilst the patient is able to rest and repair in the comfort of their own home. If medication is required, it is delivered to the patient within a 2-4 hour period post-consultation.

A similar application created in Australia, Home Doctor allows patients to connect with doctors outside of regular clinic hours so that those who fall ill overnight can give some information about their sickness and have a doctor sent to their home to fill out a script or give them the necessary medication.

In Hong Kong, there are several applications to connect doctors and patients too. One of these apps is specifically tailored for people who experience chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. This technology helps to aid self-managed support based on behavioural changes. It assists with patient-doctor communication and can permit changes to treatment between physical doctor visits.

A separate start-up company in Hong Kong has also developed a mobile ‘Personal Care Plan’ tailored for elderly patients. This application allows a caregiver, a doctor and the patient to manage multifaceted care plans from separate locations if necessary.

On top of the mentioned technologies, more video conferencing applications are being introduced to help with patient monitoring, dietary advice and the like.


As you can see, there is going to be a focus on resolving patient wait times by using mobile applications and services. As fewer patients will physically occupy clinics, it allows for more attention from doctors for each individual person. This is the same for the patients who call and need assistance from home, as there are doctors specifically assigned and working for companies that are using this tech.

In addition, many patients may not always have a means to physically get to a doctor’s clinic, or it may be too difficult with their illness. In these cases, mobile applications that can help provide care in the patient’s home are especially helpful and stress-relieving for healthcare consumers.


Joining the Health Sector in an IT role is an exciting opportunity to be part of creating and perfecting technology that can change and even save lives. It’s possible you could be part of revolutionising the entire health sector industry. These kinds of roles help people in IT to gain a larger sense of purpose and meaning.

At the moment, Peoplebank Hong Kong has a System Analyst Mobile App role and a Mobile App Developer role. Get in contact for more opportunities.