Why should you use a recruitment agency?

Below are ten positive explanations why recruitment agencies are an excellent choice for job seekers who are wondering if their job search could be made easier.

Access to unposted jobs

Outside of jobs posted in major job boards, recruiters would have access to jobs that are not listed by virtue of their direct relationships to different companies. Candidates will have more opportunities to choose from and might have a better chance to secure the job as there would be less competition from other candidates. When a candidate builds a relationship with a recruitment consultant, they will likely be front of mind for relevant roles that come from clients before the job ad is even publicised.

Save time

When applying through a recruitment agency, you may only be applying for one role, however, the agency is likely to have many more similar roles available. This means you could be noticed for other jobs which you are yet to apply for, hence, saving time and energy. In addition, the very nature of a recruitment consultants’ job is to find the right person for their client, and the right job for their candidates. Therefore, they will be handling a lot of the communications and you will be contacted when necessary to go through to the next stages of the job search journey.

If you’re a contractor, they can manage and place you into new jobs seamlessly

For contract workers, recruitment consultants are even more helpful. Without a recruitment agency, when a job is coming to an end, you’d be job searching relentlessly. As a contractor, sometimes the job hunt can happen as often as every few months. This can be stressful and tiring. It’s hard to relax when you know you need a new job as soon as possible. When placed with a recruitment agency, they can help you organize and transition into other available roles which suit your skill set and experience levels. This cuts out the applying process all together!

Recruiters want to place candidates

The best thing about recruitment consultants is they want to place people into roles. That is their ultimate daily work goal. This means they’ll be doing everything they can to find you a job.

You stay in a database for future work opportunities

Once applying through an agency, they will maintain your details and CV on their database. This means, every time a role comes up that may be relevant to you, you will appear in their searches. You don’t even have to be actively looking for a role, one might find you.

It will extend your network

When working with a recruitment consultant who is happy to vouch for you, your network is expanded. You not only know the people you already know but can get great referrals from the consultant to people they know. Consultants have large long-standing networks aligned with the industry you work in and the kind of companies you’d like to work for.

Get direct feedback

You can get direct feedback from clients, from CV review to interview feedback which can help candidates going forward if they are unsuccessful. This means you have an all-round understanding that will assist you in performing better in the future.

Preparation help

Something that regular job seekers usually won’t receive is help with preparing for an interview. A lot of people have to deal with this aspect themselves and often end up very nervous. Recruitment consultants do help with pre-interview briefings and preparation; from presentation skills to interview tips.  This assistance is often tailored to the client and the job type. This greatly helps candidates to be successful in the interview process.

Bonus knowledge

In addition to interview advice and prep you’ll also get career advice, CV reviews and tips, market intelligence and salary advice.

It’s free for you

Recruitment consultants do not charge the candidate anything, from the beginning of the job hunt until it’s over, the entire experience is free. You get all the above at absolutely no charge. Recruitment consultants are able to gain renumeration from their salary as well as commissions that are pre-determined with the individual client.