How to be confident in your next job interview

Not everyone has the natural confidence to walk into an interview and make sure they represent their very best self. Going into an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience and many people feel anxious as they feel they will be judged.

However, people tend to forget that an interview is a two-way conversation and there are many ways you can feel confident in making a great impression. The experience is just as important for you to see if the company could be a good fit for you, as it is about the company hiring the right person.

Here are several ways to appear and be confident in your next job interview.


The best thing that you can have in your interview tool belt is knowledge! Research the company as thoroughly as possible from what they do, what they stand for, who their leaders are, who will interview you, what their company culture is like and any specifics around the role you are applying for. When you have done the research, you’re no longer walking into the unknown; rather, you have some understanding of what you’re about to experience.

Prepare your answers

While no interviews are exactly the same, most companies will end up asking similar questions. Although some questions may surprise you, you can however, prepare your answers for the standard questions such as the usual ‘tell me about yourself?’, strengths and weaknesses, why you want to join the company etc. These questions are not meant to be difficult, but you will be surprised at how many people struggle answering them.

Good posture

To help appear confident, and also it can help you feel confident too, make sure to keep a good posture. Sit up straight and avoid slouching!

Power poses

If you manage to find a private space before stepping into your interview, a power pose is an excellent way to get into that self-assured mind-set. So, what is a power pose?  It could be raising your arms and head skyward like someone who just won a race. Or it might be “the wonder woman” pose.

It may sound a little odd and yes, it can look a bit silly. But if you’re on your own and you can just lean into it, “Amy Cuddy’s research shows that this positive body language will have a marked effect on your confidence and susceptibility to stress – and in turn on how you perform.”

Appropriate eye contact

To avoid giving off a nervous energy, make sure to maintain a normal level of eye contact with your interviewer. This shows you are engaged and paying attention as well as being honest in what you are talking about. 

No fidgeting

Fidgeting is the number one ‘tell’ that someone is anxious in their situation. Try to be aware of your own body language and immediately stop if you catch yourself fidgeting. If you’re sitting across directly from the interviewer, a good option would be to keep your hands on your lap, out of the interview’s sight.

Ask them questions

It’s important to remember, an interview is just as much about what you’re looking for in a job. Prepare some questions based on the role and company research and make sure to ask these questions and contribute to the conversation. This shows not only that you can take initiative and create an equal environment, but also that you are taking the interview seriously. 

In the end, if you feel that you have given your best and the company hires someone else – don’t be discouraged. Not every company makes the right hiring decision and not every company will be the right fit for you. Treat this as a learning experience and go in to your next interview with greater confidence.