The Pros and Cons of remote work

Whilst many of us continue to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all learning the benefits and the negatives of working remotely.  Here is a list of the main benefits and negatives that we have observed over the last 6 months.

The Benefits

  • You can build your own schedule that works for you
  • Your environment is comfortable (in most cases) and quick to get to
  • Your travel time and costs are reduced to zero  
  • Meetings via video can often be more effective and efficient
  • Many individuals find themselves more productive in a home environment without common distractions throughout the day
  • It is easier for many employee’s to balance work and home life when working from home
  • There is more flexibility to take care of errands and home duties  

The Negatives

  • Many employee’s miss the social interaction of going into the office
  • For some individuals, working from home may have more distractions including family or young children that need consistent attention, which can be hard to balance
  • Some employee’s prefer the technology that is available to them in the corporate office and may struggle with limited tools at home
  • Some individuals may struggle with having no physical separation between work and home, especially if they do not have a designated home office area

Which working environment do you prefer and why?

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