How to keep motivated at work (or home)

Staying motivated at work, especially when working from home is not always easy.

Here are five ways that could help you keep motivated and inspired to work better:

Create a routine

Creating a routine can help you avoid things like procrastination or disorganization that can lead to you not knowing where to start. Your routine can suit your other responsibilities and be unique to you. For example, if you work better in the morning, it might benefit you to get the ‘heavy’ tasks done during this period. Likewise, if you feel more inspired in the afternoon, tackling more challenging tasks during this time might be easier. We recommend sticking to set working hours, having a usual workspace and also choosing a regular lunch hour.

Take breaks

As part of your routine, you should pen in time for regular breaks. Whether this is for a tea or coffee, a quick walk around the block, or even some household chores (if you’re still working from home) it’s important to take frequent breaks to remain motivated and avoid overworking yourself. A quick 5-minute break every hour can help us feel refreshed and it can help us let go of any distractions that may be on your mind when trying to complete work.

Set yourself deadlines

It’s a lot easier when someone gives you a deadline to complete a task as it forces you to complete the work knowing it’s for someone else. However, in between the prioritized assignments and projects, there are bound to be tasks that are waiting to be done. If you are one to procrastinate easily and find your task list piling up, set yourself a strict deadline and tell someone about it.  How many times have you set yourself a deadline and end up delaying it because there’s no one chasing you? Let a colleague know you have set your deadline so they can help keep you accountable. This can help give you that extra push to complete your work.

Get organised and plan ahead

One of the most effective motivators is having a clear understanding of your schedule, your due dates, and your tasks. On Monday mornings, check your calendar for the week ahead. Every afternoon wind down from your work and write a to-do list for the next day. When you feel overwhelmed and you aren’t sure where to start or how much you have on, it can be very difficult to get started. Get organised in a way that suits you and plan ahead for about 1-2 weeks at the least. Planning can help relieve stress as well as being a good motivator.

Give yourself an incentive

Give yourself a reason to be motivated. Striving towards a big goal, whether it’s a promotion, a salary increase etc., are important, but it can be easy to lose sight of it when you’re on the grind. Give yourself frequent incentives or rewards based on what you’ve accomplished to keep you motivated. The reward can be as small as a piece of chocolate or as big as a spa day or purchasing an item that you’ve been wanting for a long time. Self-care is extremely important to stay motivated and in the right frame of mind.

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