​Obvious job search tips that you shouldn’t forget!

There is some job search advice that seems so obvious but can often go overlooked or be forgotten.

So, here are some friendly reminders for your next job seeking journey!

Include key skills and keywords to make your CV more searchable

A brief job description is often written in the job ad, and most if not all cases, the key skills and requirements the company is looking for are also listed. Make sure to include searchable key terms and skills in your CV and include a mix of both generic and specific technical skills. Not only will this help you pass any resume scanners (which always look out for keywords) but it will also help when the CV lands in a recruiters’ hands.

Make contact with the recruiter if possible

If there is a name and email or contact number of the recruiter on the job ad, a classic approach that many don’t do anymore is to reach out to the person taking care of the job. If you are contacting via email, make sure to remember to attach your CV.

By reaching out to this person and letting them know you are excited to apply to that job, you are putting yourself on their radar. Many recruiters are insanely busy and deal with a large amount of applications they often can’t get entirely through. If you put yourself out there, they may recognise your name when going through the applications.

However, you must make sure to give a good impression by coming across as eloquent and friendly. Obvious grammar mistakes, a bad attitude and even constantly bombarding the recruiter with calls and emails could create the opposite effect and give recruiters a negative impression.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated

Are you on LinkedIn? You have to be in today’s job market!

Make sure your profile is complete and have the main details filled out including a presentable profile photo, a bio and a brief recent job history. Your LinkedIn profile is by extension a snapshot of your resume, and the more details you include, the more likely a recruiter will reach out to you. To stand out even more, include key achievements and projects you’ve worked on.

An extra hot tip is to be active on LinkedIn about work-appropriate topics that you feel passionate about. These posts will appear for your profile viewers and can give them a good impression about who you are as well as your key knowledge.

Your CV is not a one-size-fits-all

It might be a bit more time consuming, but it is important to tailor your CV to a specific job you are applying for. Each job ad will have a set of different requirements and priorities and if you fit most of those requirements, the wording of your CV can impact whether you progress onto the next stage. For example, if a job prioritises communication skills as a must-have and you think you qualify, you should highlight it in your CV and provide examples.

Always send a follow up thank you

Finally, after any contact with a recruiter or prospective company, whether it is an application response or post-interview follow up, it is always good courtesy to send them a short thank you note via email. This is a polite action that can go a long way in keeping you front of mind during the recruitment process. It also can work in making you more likable!

Good luck with your next job hunt!


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