5 ways artificial intelligence can improve your business

Artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, has been making waves in the tech industry in recent years. AI offers real-life solutions for personal and business use. While we’ve only just touched the surface of AI technology, there’s no denying that it has made a significant impact on businesses.

Here are 5 ways that artificial intelligence is helping to improve business.

Customer Service Streamlining and Assistance

The most obvious and common form of AI in businesses appears as a chatbot customer service representative. These are often found on business websites and can help customers with general queries. Depending on the investment for this kind of tech, chatbots can be very basic and still require human backup, or they can be quite advanced, helping customers with many queries and resolving issues. Whilst it does not seem like chatbots will completely take over customer service roles any time soon, it does help sort through influxes of queries and can help human customer service representatives reduce their workload.

So far, you could say that chatbots or versions of customer service AI have helped change the way we, book restaurants, resolve service issues, make complaints, and ask questions (just to name a few).

AI Analytics

Thanks to AI, companies can extract insights and patterns from large sets of data rapidly. Sophisticated predictive and prescriptive analytics can help businesses to identify future trends and analyse consumer gaps from previous history. Now, AI and data science usually go hand in hand, and more professionals will need to have a basic understanding of machine learning, a subset of AI, to provide companies with the necessary data to improve their business.

Content Generation

If you work in marketing, you might know that content generation is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. You may also have noticed some products coming to market which are powered by AI, that help you create or write content from scratch once you give them a topic. There are so many products now that offer help with content creation at a faster pace that can read, decipher and interpret multiple languages, which is incredibly pertinent in the current world of content marketing as fresh knowledge is in such high demand.

Smart Manufacturing

To aid factory workers, smart machines are now able to be programmed to complete tasks at set times, as well as learning how to perform certain tasks on their own to improve the manufacturing process. Smart machines are helpful for businesses to be more efficient as they can work for 24 hours and do not require the breaks that humans do – they can also complete manufacturing duties in half the time that humans could.

Faster Recruitment

Resume Robots can quickly scan multiple resumes to look out for keywords and qualities that a hiring manager has chosen. With a large influx of resumes every day, it can be a time-consuming task for many recruiters and can take away from other important parts of their job that they may need to spend more time on. This is especially helpful for popular roles and companies that have huge amounts of applications.  This quickens the hiring process for all involved and will select candidates that align with the hiring companies’ selections and needs. 

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